Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Arts reflection term 3

I think my learning has been relational for this arts term because Sam, Monty, Jacob, and I created a dance that showed basketball is the heart of Waimairi.  This is because throughout all four terms it is played a mass of times and it brings people together and brings out their competitive spirit.

We used locomotive and non-locomotive moves, our relationship was in unison in our dance, this helped us because the audience was able to understand the dance and figure out the concept. We changed our levels of height from high to low constantly and changed our pathway constantly as well.  This made the dance a lot more interesting.

In case you don't know what locomotive or non-locomotive movements are I will explain: Non-locomotive moves are ones where you cannot move your feet but you can swing, bend and stretch. Locomotive moves are ones where you can move your feet in different ways such as strolling, jumping, scampering and galloping.

The things that I need to do next for my learning would be to share my knowledge of the elements of dance and help them choreograph their own dances. I also need to become a bit more spatially aware because during our dance we took up too much space on the stage.

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