Monday, 11 September 2017

Exhilarating Electrfying Moments

Have you ever had an exhilarating, electrifying moment?  If you have how did it make you feel?   These memories are the ones that we never forget (no matter how hard we try), and out of my generosity I will share two memories with you.

I am waiting in line for the brand new vertical drop at Clip N Climb!!!! You won't believe how excited I am!  I am two people away from my turn. I start watching people scream as they drop down the slide, I’m starting to regret this. My little 7 year old hands grip the handles, the rope attached starts going up ... 10, 20, 30, 40. My legs turn to jelly ... 50, 60, 70 80 meters! My face goes pale, kids start sniggering at the the bottom of the slide. “Let go!” everyone starts yelling. “Let go!”  My hands loosen grip of the handles - WHOOSH! I glide down the slide at the speed of light!  At the bottom of the slide my mind whizzes over what had just happened. What an electrifying moment!  

Speaking of electrifying moments...  Have you ever been on a roller coaster overseas? I have. I remember Australia like it was yesterday - the food, the beach, the animals but best of all the theme parks. I was at Sea World waiting in line for the enormous roller coaster STORM. My heart races one million kilometres per hour, I watch as the coaster does whirls, twirls and swirls.  I look away, if I watch for any longer I will start getting dizzy.  I am at the front of the line.

I hop into the coaster, a robot straps me in, then a metallic voice starts speaking “Hi there. Make sure you don’t have any bags or precious jewelery on you, have a good time!!’  Without warning the coaster starts climbing up the rails. We reach the top of the steep climb “Uh oh, here goes nothing” WHOOSH!!  SWOOSH!!    SPLOOSH!! And just like that it was finished. I stumble off my happy that it's over.

We have all had exhilarating electrifying moments, and if not, why not? Go out and do something exciting, the ball is in your court and if you do tell me later, I’ve got to jump in the car for a bungy jumping appointment in Queenstown, see you later!

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