Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Day 40

I am walking in the Sahara, each step I take my shoes get buried in sand, life in the Sahara isn't fun. But then, a pool of water! My body gets a burst of energy, I run, then jog, then sprint, I have never felt more excited in my life!  I jump, only to land in a big pile of sand.  I sigh, it’s going to be a long journey.

Day 72
Where is the civilisation?  It feels like I’ve been on this desert for a million years!  Anyway I keep walking, trying to stay calm, think positive thoughts.  My family, no that just makes me miss them I cry,  this is hopeless. Then my foot starts sinking - what the? I realise I am soo dumb, quicksand! This is the end, the sand has climbed up to my waist. A mixed feeling of anger, anxiety and sadness swells up in my head, the secret, my stepfather, this would  NEVER have happened if he didn't force me to go on this journey! I sigh, well I guess this is it. The sand is up to my neck, I’ve tried everything I can, this is the worst/best and last day of my life. A tear rolls down my cheek, I’d rather not experience this death awake. I grab a rock - Donk!

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