Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The magic of reading

Are you a bookworm? Do you love reading? Or are you someone who’d rather avoid it?  Imagine, relaxing under the breezy shade of a ginormous, overgrown, oak tree reading your favourite book on a summery Sunday afternoon away from your noisy house, annoying parents, and nagging siblings.  Reading is a life skill that you need to survive in the human world, books can make you laugh, cry and make you feel others emotions.  Reading can also give you further knowledge on things you never knew about.

It is a well known fact that when you read you become smarter and get broad vocabulary oh, that reminds me of a story.  One night i’m chilling out thinking on what will happen tomorrow and then mum just walks and reminds me, don't forget it’s your literacy test tomorrow Hun. Uh oh I hadn't read for nearly a full week!  So… I read for four hours, finished a book, and went halfway through another one!   I remember only getting a five hour sleep!   All that reading had paid off.

The next day I could barely open my eyes it’s like they were glued together, and not only that I had a literacy test today!  For some reason school felt really nerve wracking  my hands were oozing with sweat and my head was dripping with sweat .  But thankfully and surprisingly I got the results of a fourteen year old,  phew!  When my mum heard the results she squeezed me so intensely I thought my head would pop off and my body would obliterate into a million tiny pieces!

Sometimes chaos can happen in my house,  let me give you more detail,  Mikey!  Get off that iPad and get dressed!  While Mikey’s having a tantrum about getting dressed, I‘m running around doing twenty different other jobs and also trying to get dressed at the same time, I just want run away right now!  I’m panting, gasping for breathe sitting on the floor, saying in my head when will this stop?  

Then at that moment  an idea sprouted into my head, Hmmm … if only I could sneak outside.  So I grabbed the book I was reading at the time and ran for it, luckily the rest of the family was on the other side of the house so nobody saw me.   I went to my secret spot behind the tree that was kind of shaped like a old man.  I lounged under the cool shade of the tree, reading the 78 Story Treehouse (one of my favourite books). I kept on saying to myself this is the life!

The more you read the more you know,  the more you learn the more places you'll go.  Have you ever wanted to write a biography about someone famous?  Katy perry or maybe Abraham Lincoln.  Well... I have always wanted to write about Christopher Columbus the Italian adventurer who found the Americas. 

At first I didn't know anything about him not even his personal statistics so I pleaded to my mum “Please can we go to the library? I'll do the chores for a whole week”, trying to make a cute face as I said this.   Mum took a deep sigh “Very well then but you better do the chores for a week or there will be trouble. When she said that she meant it.  I gulped. Anyway I got the book and I started reading. I'd only read chapter one and had started to learn loads already!  After reading the book I felt so confident that I wanted to write a whole essay about his life!  Hey, why not?

Here’s my advice:  Go to that bookshelf, find a good book, see if it makes you laugh or cry.  Just read a book it’ll make you feel smarter or maybe make you write a whole biography about someone famous. It's your choice, but if you do choose to read then …. ‘You're off to great places, today is your day, your journey is waiting so get on your way!’


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