Sunday, 7 August 2016

Waking up

As I woke up this morning feeling fatigued I noticed my basketball hoop sitting on the wall watching me, it was still dark, curtains closed, I could hear my mum whispering in her gentle voice “Get up son it’s morning time.”

In my mind I was trying to tell Mum that I was wide awake (and half asleep), but soon enough I threw my duvet off,  stumbled out of bed, yawned, spread my arms out and yawned again, walked to my wardrobe and tried to find my clothes through my blurry eyesight.   

My mum woke my little brother up while I brushed my teeth. The feeling of my electric toothbrush was scruffy which made me feel energetic.  

I sat at the dining table eating my favourite creamy honey porridge savouring the moment. Then mum shouted “Come on boys let’s go!   Me, Mum, and Mikey slowly strolled out of the front door (with everything), hopped in the car and drove to school.

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