Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Stereotyping explanation

Stereotyping is a way of excluding and labelling people by their race, colour, religion or their gender.

The following paragraphs have examples of stereotyping:

One example of stereotyping is Girls are weak, boys are strong. I  part agree and part disagree with this stereotype because the strongest person in the world is a man but many girls do gymnastics which requires strength, agility and skill.  Generally boys are stronger but some teenage girls are very strong.

A second example is Americans only eat junk food. I strongly disagree about this stereotype because a lot of American athletes are no.1 in their sports because they go on diets and they work out a lot.  

A third example is Asians are bad drivers. I part agree and part disagree because Asians came from different countries so they must get used to the rules of New Zealand driving and some Asians are really good at driving.

Overall, stereotyping is mean, can make people feel offended and left out.  Everyone’s challenge is to never judge a book by it’s cover.   

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