Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Soundscape learning reflection

This term I designed a soundscape that accompanied my poetic memoir I created.  The soundscape helps to evoke the emotions I feel in that place, doing things with my special people using GarageBand.

By the end of the term I know how to make a soundscape which includes the intended mood or emotion to support a story, poem or picture.  I do it by picking the right instruments, using the right tempo, and seeking feedback from others.  I've also learnt how to use the settings on GarageBand like changing the tempo, using correct instruments, and using different dynamics to set the mood of the song. I've also learnt how to use the right elements of music to create my soundscape.

My next step is to act as a role model for others to help them create music showing mood.  I could do this by teaching others how to use the right music to show the story, picture or poem.

Here is my soundscape to listen to:

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